Moving into a Smaller Home
A Rewarding Challenge!

You raised your family, completed your career journey and it's time for change!
Now you want to travel, spend time with your Grandchildren, golf, hike, serve your community or spend more time at the cottage.
So you really don't need the beautiful big home that served you well for so many years.
It's an emotional time and it's an exciting time so even though you have moved several times before, this one will present you with new challenges.
This time, more than any other, you need a mover you can trust, The Honest Mover Ltd!

Three Things To Consider

Your Downsizing, So Where Does Everything Go?

It's never been more important to include your kids and maybe even grandchildren.
Every member of your family has emotional attachments to the home you are leaving and the items within.
Include your whole family to decide what gets re-distributed, donated or disposed of and this move will help strengthen family bonds.
Share family history and learn more about each other. Your family members will appreciate the opportunity to take away items they connect with and that's better than discarding them only to find out later you paid good money to get rid of something that still had value.

Plan - Measure - Document - Measure Again

Some things never change! You're downsizing so measure everything, make diagrams and 'test fit'.
Hiring an expert move planner is a really good investment.
The cost of these experts might be less than an error that requires you to find last minute storage for something that's too big for your new 'right sized' home.
Whether you hire a professional move planner or do it yourself, take your time, start months ahead of the moving date so it will go smoothly.
Plan to spend a couple months going through your possessions to decide what goes, what stays and who will receive living inheritances.
Enjoy the process, share the Fun and Memories with your family. Don't wait for the next Wedding or Funeral to connect. It's Moving Time!

New Considerations of Downsizing

We covered the obvious size matters above, but right sizing your home might mean moving into a condo, townhouse or planned community with shared common elements. If you were living in a single detached home, this will require some extra considerations. You'll need to co-ordinate with the facilities management and make sure access to shared elements like parking, elevator, storage units and bulk disposal service are all booked and confirmed.
It's important to know your start time and end times so you don't inconvenience a new neighbour. Remember to ask if anyone else is scheduled to use the common areas before or after you. If not, you'll have more flexibility for your move. As with any move, if you can schedule it for the middle of the month and early to mid week, middle of the day, it'll probably be a more relaxed move.
If you can take possession of your new home 3 to 5 days before moving day, you have time to measure and test fit, adjust or adapt.
The extra time to clean, prepare and maybe even receive shipments of new furniture and appliances is helpful.
Having all utlities installed and active before the move helps provide peace of mind on moving day.