Moving Day is Coming Fast
Are You Ready?

You're ready if you started planning 120 days ago and you carefully followed
The Honest Mover Planning and Preparation Guide!
On this page we'll introduce some steps to plan and prepare for your move.
Whether it's your first time moving or tenth, you'll benefit knowing the typical steps involved to execute a successful move.
So please, read through this overview, take notes and call or email to discuss using our services to make your moving day, stress free.

Planning is the single most important part of your move!
Without a Good Plan, it's possible your moving day will be stressful.
Please read the page we dedicated to "Planning Your Moving Day" - It's time well spent.

What Kind of Move Are You Making?

Your First House Purchase

Congratulations, this is a BIG ONE! You've got lots to learn and we're glad you chose us to help! Our expert staff will provide a stress free experience! Thanks for trusting us with such an important task!


Your First Apartment

Leaving the comfort of the home you've always known. Exciting and maybe a bit scary. We're The Honest Mover, a Family Business with hundreds of clients just like you. We'll get you there with less fear!


Movin' On Up!

You worked hard, saved and your family is growing. This move has it's own challenges and we're thrilled that you've chosen The Honest Mover again to make sure this move goes smoothly too!


The Cottage Move

Congratulations, you bought a cottage and the kids can't wait to go swimming, boating, fishing and water skiing. Learn how The Honest Mover has helped many customers make the move into cottage country with ease.


Down Sizing or Right Sizing

You raised a beautiful family, they flew out of the nest and it's time to adjust to the new reality. This move is different for everyone. Learn from our experience and be ready for the unique circumstances this move presents.


Commercial Moving

Business moves are all unique, with many common elements. We've moved hundreds of business clients, some many times. Big or small, let us show you what we can do to make your business move a success!