Pack Properly and Enjoy Your Moving Day

When you choose The Honest Mover to move your home or office, we are your moving partner!
We can provide full service planning, packing and moving or you could reduce your cost by packing properly yourself.
Each move has it's own considerations and details, but these tips are universal;

  1. Plan Ahead. Start packing at least 120 days before Moving day. Avoid the last minute rush and the stress it brings.
  2. Towels and sheets make good filler. Use them to fill empty space in boxes and secure the contents within.
  3. We provide wardrobe boxes on the day of the move at no extra cost.
  4. When filled, no carton should weigh more than 60 Lbs. Use 2" wide, strong reliable packing tape. Tape twice, carry once!
  5. Don't use garbage bags for packing. They tear easily, don't protect your goods and they don't stack.
  6. Use sturdy containers or boxes for packing. It is essential to have lids on containers and boxes closed flat. Over-packed boxes are difficut to close. Make sure bottoms are secured. Tape twice, carry once!
  7. Cartons should be cushioned with newspapers, thin cloth (rags) or even towels at the bottom, between layers, at the top and in all empty spaces.
  8. Heavier items should be placed on the bottom layer. The lightest and most fragile articles should be on top, well wrapped and protected.
  9. Any item that is fragile should be wrapped separately in packaging paper, paper towels or soft cloth. Make sure they don't move around within their containers and clearly mark the container Fragile on all sides.
  10. Identify contents of each carton you pack for easy unpacking. You can also color code for each room. Label, number and even color code all boxes clearly. A well documented plan makes your move go smoothly and provides peace of mind.
  11. Never pack articles above the top of containers. This prevents them from closing properly making it hard to stack them. All containers should be flat on all sides and square for maximum packing efficiency.
  12. Books and records should be packed on edge in small cartons, not weighing more than 40 or 50 lbs.
  13. We suggest large mirrors, glass tabletops and valued paintings be crated or left hanging in place. This way there is less chance of them being damaged while bringing out other bigger pieces of furniture.
  14. Anything of extra value such as jewelry, valuable papers, and keys should be removed by the owners.
  15. Remove heavy objects from all drawers. Clothing, towels and bedding can be left in the drawers if the customer prefers to do so.
  16. Use clean towels or tissue to pack lampshades and avoid soiling.
  17. Use 'Fragile' stickers on cartons to alert you and the movers to give special attention and care to containers and boxes containing delicate breakable items. Keep them seperate from cartons not considered fragile.
  18. When marking cartons, mark them on the top and the side(s) for easy identification without having to roll or turn them. Name the room where it should go. List all its contents, either on the carton or in a notebook.
  19. When packing china, place heavy pieces on the bottom of the container. All flat pieces should be placed on edge. Mark the carton as Fragile.
  20. Do not pack irons, kitchenware or other heavy items in the same container with china, glass or crystal.
  21. Small articles such as salt and pepper shakers, knick-knacks and collectibles should be wrapped in colourful paper and/or packed in small boxes first, so they don't get lost.
  22. If moving the same day you get your keys check to find out what time you get them and verify where you get them.
  23. Before leaving make sure you check every room, closet, attic, crawl space and garage. Make sure everything is on the truck.
  24. Leave furniture as it is presently in your home. This makes it safer, faster and easier for our crews to remove your furnishings from your home into the trucks, than if it is all placed in one room.
  25. We disassemble and reassemble bed, desk or any other furnishings that needs it. We aim to please our customers.
  26. If you want to help make a move go faster you can remove mirrors from dressers, dismantle beds etc, anything that can help to make your move go smoothly. Be careful to put all fastners and removed parts into well labelled containers and tape them closed so you can find them for re-assembly.
  27. Packed boxes can be placed in the garage or on the main floor of the house against a wall away from the entrance used by the movers. Be sure labels are facing out and put boxes needed first on the bottom or at the back so they get loaded last.
    Remember, the last items on the truck are the first ones off the truck.
  28. Make sure you have at least three copies of your Master List. One for you at the home you're leaving, one for us and one at the new location
  29. What else? There's always something and we'll customize our checklist for you, when you contract our services.

Hire our Professional Moving Consultants and Packers to make your moving day even easier. It's money well spent!
How much does one lost item cost? What is your peace of mind worth?