Alright, You Found Your First Apartment!

Your own place at last! Freedom is yours and we don't want to rain on your parade, but that freedom has a lot of responsibiity tagging along with it.
Don't worry, The Honest Mover can help you manage this great new experience so you can enjoy your new found freedom.
We've made a special Planning Your Move guide and checklists specifically for Your First Apartment move.
Follow the guide, use the checklist and think about new things to add to the checklist.
Here are just a few of the tips and considerations we offer to help you move into your first apartment.

Apartment Hunting and Moving Tips

Plan Before You Sign a Lease

Choosing the right apartment is part of planning a stress free move.
You'll probably get new furniture, kitchenware and other items for your first apartment. Will they fit? Can you get them into the apartment?
It's critical to measure when you view prospective apartments. Measure the rooms, doors, hallways and stairs. There might be stairways outside and inside leading to your new home. Measure every place you must pass through to move from outside the building all the way to the room you want an itme to go. Apartments often have winding stairwells and small doorways. Have you ever wondered why so many apartment buildings have discarded furniture outside, so often? Failure to measure before signing a lease or buying new furniture is one possible explanation. Plan ahead and make sure everything you have and everything you will buy can make it inside to your new apartment.
Try to meet a few of your neighbours in the building. Those tenants will know things they discovered only after moving in. Ask about bugs, mice and other pests. Learn about the local stores, laundry facilties, heat in the winter, cooling in the summer, noise levels, traffic and whether the building is commonly visited by police, fire or ambulance. Is the landlord readily available and responsive to tenant needs?
Is there an elevator you book on 'service' for your moving day? How big is the parking lot?
What size truck can we use? How many other tenants are moving in or out at the same time as you?
There's more in our guide and we can direct you to a reasonably priced move planning expert.
Consider booking a Professional before you start apartment hunting. Get experience on your side!

When to Schedule Your Move

Apartment leases start at the beginning of the month and we know you want to move in right away, but if this is your first apartment and you don't have to move out of your current home on the last day of the month, we highly recommend you take possession of the partment on the first, spend some time cleaning and preparing it. That way you can schedule your move after other tenants have finished moving in and out of the building. Move near the beginning of the week, so you have time to unpack and get the apartment just right, in time to entertain on the weekend after you move in. If you are buying new furnishings and the store delivers, consider having all your new furnishings delivered and setup before you move everything else in.
Move in after 10am and finish before 3pm so your move doesn't interfere with your neighbours going to work or coming home.
If you move out of your current home at month end, plan carefully because apartment buildings can be very busy on the last and first days of the month.
Other tenants may try moving with the help of friends or they may hire amateur movers and you may encounter delays.

Insurance, First Aid, Emergency Contacts & Other Essentials

Our guide includes a list of all the essential things you'll want to have close at hand in your new home.
There are several important things we all take for granted that you should get to know right away.
Where is the closest Hospital, Police, Fire? Laundry facilities? Shopping? Auto repair? Transit?
Tenant insurance is a low cost item that provides you with piece of mind. It protects you, your possessions and the people around you.
Buy a basic first-aid kit and keep it replenished when needed! Post emergency numbers and contact information where it can be easily found.
Know your fire escape route. Can you get out of your apartment if the door can't be opened?
Cleaning and maintenance. Do you have a vacuum? Kitchen and bath cleaning tools and products?
How about a basic tool kit so you can tighten a loose screw or assemble furnishings?
Planning requires experience. The Honest Mover has the experience you need and that's part of what you buy when you hire us!
You won't lose any friends hiring us. They can help you setup, decorate and enjoy your new home.
We'll do the heavy lifting, you and your friends relax and enjoy yourselves!