Moving Up to Your Dream Home!

You've accomplished your goals and found that perfect next home!
You're busy, kids in school, career moving to the next level and it all happens at once - you need The Honest Mover to make moving day go perfectly!
If you hired us before, you know We've Got You Covered!
Welcome back, we'll work just as hard, just as smart as last time!

Things To Consider

The Basics are Still Important and There Might Be a Few New Basics

Is this a Local Move or Long Distance?
Our 'Moving On Up!' guide covers both and each have their own considerations.
School, Doctors, Hospitals, Banking, Utilities, Friends and Family - there's more to do so make that checklist complete.
With all the new considerations, don't overlook the simple ones - Do you have the keys to the house? An extra set?
Make plans for the kids and pets before, during and after the move? Does anyone have health or medical concerns?
Our expert moving consultants are available to help. You know their value - Peace of Mind.

New - No Longer Needed - Irreplaceable

You've acquired plenty since your last move and you're probably buying new items for the new home.
Before you start the move, take stock and make decisions. If you have possessions no longer needed, will you sell, discard or donate them?
You might want to rent some storage space so you can stage your home for sale. We can provide experts to help you de-clutter, organize and get ready to sell as part of your overall moving strategy. You could hire a staging company provided by your realtor and if they work with us to make your move more efficient, that's great. However realtor staging companies often focus only on the task of selling the home. Staging can be a significant investment and if it's part of your moving strategy the investment provides a greater return, so consider hiring our moving experts to prepare your home for sale and for moving.

Plan - Label - Inventory

These tips apply every time you move but this time Inventory may be more significant than previous moves.
During this move you're going to uncover items you forgot about and you may discard items you haven't used for a long time. It's important to list everything, especially the items you discard, donate or dispose of. After the move, somebody will wonder where something went. If it's clearly documented, you'll save valuable time and avoid concerns while you are enjoying your new home. A complete inventory list allows you the opportunity to review and perhaps adjust your homeowners insurance policy so you are properly covered. If you plan a little extra time, you can take digital pictures of everything, create a visual inventory and keep it as a visual insurance inventory. Good Insurance companies appreciate detailed inventory if you have the unfortunate need to call them for help.
Involve the kids if they're old enough. Have them inventory their rooms and make decisions about their possessions. You'll be training them, helping them learn early so they can be ready for their first move when the time comes.