Plan Your Move - Enjoy Your Moving Day

When you choose The Honest Mover to move your home or office, we become your moving partner!
Even if you've never moved before, we can tell you how to plan and prepare so you can move as if you've done it a hundred times.
Each move has it's own considerations and details, but they all share these ideas;

  1. Plan Ahead - Start at least 120 days before Moving day
  2. Make a List - of all the Utility and Services you must notify. (Hydro, Water, Cable, Phone etc)
  3. Heating and AC - Are your new systems certified working and ready to turn on?
  4. Water - Is the water turned off? Is it turned on at the new house? Does it all work right, no leaks?
  5. Appliances - Do they all work? Clean? Are you getting New ones installed? Timing is everything!
  6. Pets - plan to have pets looked after for a few days before, during and after the moving day
  7. Kids - Can the kids help? Are they in school or should they visit friends or family on moving day?
  8. Schools - Are they notified, daycare arangements done?
  9. Clean, Pack and Repair - Do you have time to clean, pack or make repairs before you move out?
  10. Work - Should you take time off work or hire help to prepare?
  11. The Food Plan - Fridges and Freezers need to be emptied and cleaned days before moving day.
  12. Valuables - Collectibles and Fragile items need a special list. How will they get moved? Insurance?
  13. Keys - Moving Day Scheduling and Contact Information. Is everyone you need available?
  14. Family Care - Are you moving far? Changing Doctors, Dentists, Eye Doctor? Where is your new Hospital?
  15. Inventory Lists - List each room contents, assign room codes. What do you need first at the new house? Pack it last!
  16. Boxes and Packing Materials - Do you have enough? Plan to keep essentials unpacked until moving day.
  17. Who is packing? DIY or Pros? Have 90% of your packing done two days before moving day.
  18. Money - How much cash will you need on moving day?
  19. Cars - Get a tune up and oil change weeks before moving day so you don't have auto concerns
  20. Tools and Toys - Boats, Trailers, RVs, Sheds, Crawl space, Attic and items loaned to neighbours.
  21. What else? - There's always something and you want it all on a list.

Visit the Moving Day page and review the option that best describes your move to learn some specifics about preparing for your moving day. Book your move with us now and receive The Honest Mover Planning and Preparation Guide with more valuable information.