The Honest Mover Sales Process
Simple and HONEST

Do we really need an entire page for our Sales Process?
If we had a page filled with details and fine print, would you read it?
Why make sales complex and why confuse our customers?
Write this down if you want to;
1) Telephone or email us to say "I have to move and I want to hire a mover I can trust"
2) Tell us about your move date and answer our questions honestly.
3) Accept our cost estimate to move your home or business.
4) Pay your booking fee to confirm your moving date.
5) Receive our Free "Moving Day" prep guide.
6) Follow the guide, call us with any questions and be ready when our trucks and crews show up.
7) Relax and let us handle the tough stuff. We'll see you at your new home.
8) Pay your final amount owing and begin to enjoy your new home!

It's Really Just That Easy!